2015 MRKH Conferences BYMRKH is attending or co-hosting

August 1st–MRKH Meeting in Seattle, WA

Past MRKH Conferences (2015)

March 28th through 29th – MRKH Strong (age restrictions)- Boston Children's Hospital, MRKH Strong Conference for Teens and their Families. Saturday, March 28th is restricted to teens and young adults up to 25 years of age, plus parents and family members. There is an all ages meeting on March 29th from 1PM to 4PM at BCH. 

April 11th–MRKH Day in Ann Arbor, MI

June 6th–MRKH Meeting at Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, TX

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Persons with MRKH (also known as Mullerian Aplasia) are needed.

We are studying females born either lacking or with an underdeveloped uterus & vagina (and their family members) to identify the genes responsible.

We want to find the cause.

Participants will provide small blood samples and have their medical records reviewed.

All study-related procedures are free.

For more information, call Lynn at: (706) 721-7591