Meredith Brookes Travel Awards

Apply for a Meredith Brookes Travel Grant to attend MRKH Conferences: The Beautiful You MRKH Foundation accepts applications for all in-person MRKH Conferences in the United States. We make awards of up to $500 per family to attend one MRKH Conference. Click on the blue button to download the application. Submit your application here or use the QVR Code above. 

About Meredith Brookes: 

Meredith was a beacon of light for many in the MRKH Community. She was the first person with MRKH many of us talked to, and the one who called at the exact moment that you needed someone to listen.  

Meredith co-founded Mid-Atlantic MRKH: Strength & Unity and partnered with Beautiful You MRKH Foundation on many meet-ups and MRKH Conferences. She was diagnosed with MRKH at three years old, and although she had many health challenges from MRKH, she made it her mission to show up and speak out about MRKH. Sadly, Meredith passed away on September 22, 2017. 

She became a good friend, and she is deeply missed. We created this travel award, with the blessings of her family, to honor Meredith by helping those with MRKH meet others who share this strong bond. We hope all recipients of the Meredith Brookes Travel Grants carry on her legacy of bringing people together and of being the person who reaches out to others in need.  

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