The Beautiful You MRKH Foundation is deeply saddened by the tragic events happening in our country. We founded BYMRKH on the core value of inclusion, and we welcome all to the BYMRKH Family. We’ve seen exemplars of leadership in all of you who put aside differences to support each other. We are proud of you and our MRKH Community for demanding high standards across all of the MRKH support platforms. 

We see the extra burdens people who are discriminated against must carry every single day. These burdens are heavy right now, and even those of us who do not and cannot carry them feel their weight. 

Christina and I are here for all of you. We will listen. We will sit silently with you. We will take any burdens you wish for us to carry, if only for a short time. Join us for a Zoom vigil Sunday, May 31st at 4 PM EST to support each other through this time of crisis. Click on the link above to register. Registration is free.   


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Join us for an MRKH Vigil Sunday, May 31st from 4:00 to 5:30 PM EDT