Do you suffer from urinary incontinence? Do you want to know if people with MRKH are more prone to urinary incontinence? Take The Global MKRH Consortium's new Research Survey!

The University of Michigan, in partnership with the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation, The Global MRKH Consortium, and Sisters for Love MRKH Foundation brings you a new project aimed at understanding urinary symptoms in people with MRKH. The anonymous questionnaire asks about demographics, diagnosis and treatment, and your experience with urinary complaints, leakage, constipation and prolapse.

Many of us have experienced urinary symptoms, but it is not documented if these are more prevalent in women with MRKH, and we do not know what types of issues are unique to MRKH. Our goal is to understand what people with MRKH experience regarding urinary symptoms, so that we can improve care.

We encourage everyone with MRKH to participate. We need to hear from those with urinary symptoms and those who do not have any symptoms. Tell us your experiences regarding urinary and pelvic floor function.

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If you have any questions about this research study, please contact Christine Pennesi, MD ( 

What does MRKH have to do with urinary and pelvic floor function?