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Image of an elephant painted in vibrant colors


by Joyce Auteri

In the last few years I have been enjoying seeing the amazing artwork of one of my coworkers Joyce. In the process of following her work I fell in love with her animals series and in particular loved her elephant!!! Never owning an original piece of art I decided it was time to purchase and at the same time support my friend.

Now Joyce and I talk about a lot of things at work… my kids, her art, gardening and yes I have told her about my MRKH story and how significant and meaningful Beautiful You has meant to me and I had even shared with her the beautiful symbol which has become the representation of the foundation.

Several months ago after ordering one of her original piece from her animal series, the day finally arrived when it was completed. She was so excited to reveal the final work to me and I was amazed and humbled to see that she decided to include the Beautiful You MRKH flower symbol. A symbol that has meant so very much to me.

It brought tears to my eyes that Joyce had put so much thought and meaning into this piece of art for me. I was so excited about it that I shared it with our community and interest peaked in others to have a piece of this artwork.

Joyce was overjoyed by the response and kindly decided to sell her work to others in our community and donate half of every purchase right back to Beautiful You MRKH!!! I want to say thank you to Joyce for her dedication to her art and sharing her heart with Beautiful You! I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I do!

❤️​ Elyce


Joyce will donate 50% of the proceeds to Beautiful You MRKH Foundation.