I wanted to do something too – I wanted to make a tangible difference.   So I created a line of luxury bath and body products called Courageous and partnered with Beautiful You.  With each and every purchase, a donation is made to the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation, Inc. to support and empower women diagnosed with MRKH.

Courageous products are available for purchase through my website at http://www.sunsetpinesnaturals.com/courageous.shtml and can be shipped around the world.

My name is Heidi, and at the age of 18, I was diagnosed with MRKH.  On that day, my world quietly shattered.  My hopes, my dreams, my plans, everything I thought I would or could do with my life…shattered.  Yet, somehow my life continued.  As I look back on my young life, the things I did and didn’t do…I look back at a young woman who learned to be Courageous.

Over the last few years, many courageous women have come forward to join forces and spread awareness about our syndrome around the world.   At the heart of this movement is the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation and their work to educate and empower MRKH Warriors and their families.  

The Courageous Project for BYMRKH by Heidi Ritter of Sunset Pines Naturals



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